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 I first saw My Fair Lady when I was 11 - and I've loved that movie and audrey since then- but it wasnt until a couple of years ago I saw another one of her movies and was..well pleasantly surprised at how good it was- seing as I've only pictured her as Eliza up to then- I saw charade -then many of her movies- I now own ten of them and love every one of them.
 -Audrey is somewhat of a role model / idol to me - I don't nececarrily want to be an actress...but I look up to her because of the way she acted and the way she presented herself and how far she got having minimum acting experience and somehow always winning over the hearts of  everyone who watched her perform. Thats just amazing to me.

 I love  most old movies, or "classics" rather-especially musicals- like... the music man,The Band wagon, singing in the rain, sound of music.. Feel Free to ask me about other movies- ive seen a lot !
Well thats about it ..
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