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The Ethereal Princess' Palace
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A Poem for Audrey *~*NEW*~*

 Goodbye Monkey Puzzle

By Robert W. Richley


Monkey Puzzle, little child monkey hard to understand,

How out of hardship and pain you grew

Into our charming princess, our fairest lady and our guiding angel.

You won our hearts, our admiration and our love.

You will live forever in film, in our hearts and in our memories.


We first met you as princess Ann and we fell in love

For you were a princess - beautiful, graceful and elegant.

Your doe-like eyes melted our hearts and your smile warmed our inside.

As a little girl growing up, we were charmed by your child-likeness.

You made us laugh. You made us cry. And above all you made us love.


As a nun, we saw the inner turmoil of a maturing woman.

As a teacher, we understood the pain of our prejudices.

Even as a call girl, we could feel your melancholy heart and longing for love.

You showed us how we fall in and out of love and gave us a glimpse into ourselves.

You even showed us how to steal a million and laugh delightfully.


We understood your struggles for a happy marriage.

We admired your dedication to family in spite of betrayal.

We felt your love and compassion for your own children.

We were motivated to charity by your love for our children.

In the midst of it all, you were an angel and you guided us.


Goodbye Monkey Puzzle. Goodbye Angel Happiness.

You leave us a legacy of love and grace

We will ever strive to imitate.

In your honor, we shall continue to laugh, cry and above all

We will love. We will love you and promise to love the children.



~*~The title of this poem "goodbye Monkey Puzzle" comes from the nickname that Audrey's father called her as a child.  The author of this poem is a very talented man who has written several other poems as well.  Thank you Robert for allowing me to share this poem with everyone :)